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Something strange happened to me this month that i can't explain it and thats makes me scared am i going crazy or what ? 3 weeks ago while I'm working my boss said to me tomorrow is weekend you can stay longer to finish your job i really surprised cause i was thinking I'm in the beginning of the week. 2 week later

I taking taxi to get to my home, this way usually take 45 min and i decided to play with my phone and suddenly i arrived i just shocked! I had call before taxi and when i alight i was tough that i just spended 5min to arrive but my phone saying i had call 43min ago this happned today again and i cant believe that i had call with my gf before i get taxi  and when this happened i asked is she had same feeling about this and she said its strange you can't be home right now or you lying to me and we checked our phones and she said its strange we had call 40 min ago and i feel like we talked just 5 min ago!

Whats happening really?

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